Derek Sargent and Jess Miley have been collaborating for over six years. Starting as co-directors of the artist run gallery FELTspace in Adelaide Australia. In the last three years they have been collaborating together on their research and photography project The Grave Project. Derek completed his BA in fine art at the University of South Australia and has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of the Arts. He has won several awards including the Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship and the SALA Contemporary Art Prize with Jess for The Grave Project. Derek is currently based in Bergen Norway where he is completing his Masters in Fine Art. Jess is the founding director of LoveFest an annual experimental arts festival, she is also is the founder of a queer feminist art residency in Eastern Hungary. Jess is currently located in Gyula, Hungary.

Derek Sargent - Curriculum Vitae



2019-2021    Master’s Programme in Fine Art, University of Bergen, Norway

2016-2017    Graduate Diploma of Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UK

2013             Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), First Class, South Australia School of Arts

2010-2012    Bachelor of Visual Arts (Specialisation Sculpture), South Australia School of Arts


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2020            Queers of the East, FELTspace, Adelaide (with Jess Miley)

2019            The Grave Project, Elevador, Barcelona (with Jess Miley)

2018            Genuine And Authentic, FELTspace, Adelaide

2015            Allure Me, CACSA Project Space, Adelaide

2014            Living In My Mind, Constance, Hobart

2014            Emulate, Nexus, Adelaide

2014            Fleeting Flash Of Fervour, Firstdraft, Sydney

2014            I Wish I Could Be You, Fontanelle, Adelaide

2013            Bag It, SASA Gallery Project Space, Adelaide


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020          The Roots that Clutch, PhotoAccess, Canberra (with Jess Miley)

2019          The Scene is Seen, Holly Rollers Studio, Adelaide (with Jess Miley)

2019          Advertiser Contemporary Art Award, Keith Murdoch House, Adelaide (with Jess Miley)

2018          Word, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide

2018          Fervere, Art Quarter, Budapest (with Jess Miley)

2017          Graduate Exhibition, Chelsea College of Arts, London

2017          Big Fridge, Safe House, London

2017          Hot Dairy, The Cookhouse, London

2016          Around Corners, NARS Foundation, New York

2015          Unsettle, Paper Mountain, Perth

2015          ID: Portraiture and Identity, Adelaide Airport, Adelaide

2015          Four X Four, Mint Studios, Adelaide

2014          FeltNatural, Rymill Park, Adelaide

2014          Hatched 2014, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth

2014          Eight, Town Hall, Adelaide

2014          Feltmaps, Port Adelaide

2014          Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition, Drill Hall, Adelaide

2013          Full Circle Graduate Exhibition, SASA Gallery, Adelaide

2013          Felt Natural, River Torrens, Adelaide

2013          Dis-em-body, West Bar Student Gallery, Adelaide

2013          Never Mind, Plant One, Bowden

2012          Hunt Graduate Exhibition, Uni SA, Adelaide


Professional experience:

2019          Ways Residency, Gyula Hungary 

2018          Arts Quarter Residency Program, Budapest

2017          Internship LoveFest 2017, Budapest

2016          NARS Foundation International Artist Residency Program, New York

2015-16     Mentorship with Nicholas Folland

2014-16     Education Officer, SASA Gallery, Adelaide

2013-16     Studio Member Fontanelle Gallery, Bowden

2013-14     Co-Director, Felt Space Gallery, Adelaide

2012          Visual arts graduate committee, South Australia School of Arts



2019         i-Portunus mobility grant (with Jess Miley)

2019         The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award (with Jess Miley)

2018         Project Grant Recipient, Helpmann Academy

2015         Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship

2015         Art Start Grant, Australia Council

2015         Grant Recipient, Helpmann Academy

2013         Chancellor’s Letters of Commendation List, South Australia School of Arts

2013         Helpmann Fontanelle studio scholarship, Helpmann Academy

2013         Constance Gordon-Johnson Sculpture and Installation Prize

Jess Miley - Curriculum Vitae


2011         Masters of Landscape Architecture, The University of Adelaide 

2006         Bachelor of Design, The University of Adelaide 


Selected exhibitions

2020         Queers of the East, FELTspace, Adelaide (with Derek Sargent) 

2020         The Roots that Clutch, PhotoAccess, Canberra (with Derek Sargent) 

2019         The Grave Project, Elevador, Barcelona (with Derek Sargent)

2019         The Scene is the Seen, Holy Rollers Studios, Adelaide (with Derek Sargent) 

2018         Ferver, Art Quarter, Budapest (with Derek Sargent) 

2014         SLV – Bus Projects, Mebourne 

2013         Transit Lounge SASA Gallery, Adelaide 

2013         FELTnatural, River Torrens, Adelaide 

2011         STREETWORKS, Sydney

2011         FLUX-Queens Theatre, Adelaide 



2014         NextWave Festival 2014, Melbourne 



2014         Time:Place:Space_Nomad Residency - Performance Space, Sydney 

2014         The Persuaders, Benedict Drew - Adelaide Festival + SASA Gallery 

2013         Crowd Theory - Simon Terrill + Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art 

2013         Forever Now – Adhocracy + Vitalstatistix 


Professional Experience 

2018 -       Current:  Director of Ways Art Residency, Gyula Hungary 

2018 -       Current:  Co-Director, Lovefest festival, Budapest Hungary 

2013-14    Co-Director, FELTspace Gallery, Adelaide 



2019         The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award (with Derek Sargent) 

2019         I-Portunus Mobility Grant Recipient (with Derek Sargent)